Implants are metabolic booster packs, which can run for a short period of time from an internal power pack. After their power has been exhausted, they must be replenished at an Energy Recharging Station, with a Portable Battery or by using a Electron Cascade PSI power. The maintenance skill allows you to store more charge in your implants, up to 160%.

Some commonly available implants include:

Black market implants include:

Implants based on alien technology include:

  • WormBlood - Piles of worms can be consumed for 10 HP.
  • WormHeart - User takes no damage from annelid toxin and will regenerate 1 HP per 30 seconds.
  • WormMind - 1 of every 4 damage points subtracted from Psi Points.
  • WormBlend - Full invisibility to pure Annelids. Not found in the game, but can be summoned.
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