ICE Pick
Type Tool
First Found on Hydroponics Deck
Researchable No
Stackable Yes
Recycleable No
Transmutative No
Duplicative No
Summon Code ice pick
A small, but extremely powerful computer chip, with a standard interface port, the ICE Pick (or ICE-Pick) automatically hacks any hackable object, regardless of skill requirements or difficulty. The item is single use. It does not use any Nanites.

Banned as illegal in most countries and aboard UNN ships, the ICE Pick is nevertheless a great help for any hacker who can afford the prices the black market charges for the device. A persistent rumor in the hacker underground is that "Cantor", the ICE Pick's inventor, has offered his own ICE-breaking algorithms as a reward to anyone who can demonstrate to him a system the ICE Pick can't break.

Its limited power supply and custom-programmed Nanites make it good for one use only. ICE Picks are rare, so use them strategically.

Strategic Analysis

  • ICE Picks are relatively rare and should be conserved for Hacking high-value objects, which are too difficult for the player's skills.
  • ICE Picks effectively eliminate the need for Hacking skill above 4. The only objects in the game that have higher skill requirements are 3 High Security Crates and the GamePig™.
  • A potential use is to Hack a Replicator that stocks useful equipment and is located near the main Elevator. Visiting this hacked Replicator at regular intervals can keep you well stocked without spending very much.
  • The game requires the player to Hack a Replicator in the Command Deck's Shuttle Bay area. An ICE Pick can be used for this for a non-Hacking oriented player build.
  • In the final battle against SHODAN, there are three Shield Interlock Terminals. Hacking these will lower her Shields. Three ICE Picks will make this task trivial.


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