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Von Braun
Deck 3 - Hydroponics
Area Information
Upgrade Units 4
O/S Upgrade Machine 1
Replicators 4 (+1 destroyed)
Security Crates 3
Recharge Stations 2
Surgical Units 2 (inactive)
Resurrection Stations 1 / 3 maps
Security Computers 8
Security Cameras 11
Turrets 2 (2 Laser)
New Enemies Grub Eggs
Toxic Eggs
Infant Arachnids
Connected Levels Engineering
Operations (later)
Recreation (later)
There, the young ones are all aboard. Captain Diego and I have sealed off deck 3. He and I are now of one mind... our bodies are changing too. Sometimes it hurts terribly and sometimes it is... marvelous... something wonderful is happening to me...

Hydroponics (or Hydro) is the third Deck of the Von Braun explored in System Shock 2.


Since the Soldier cannot reach Deck Four by the Elevator due to a biomass blocking its shaft, he's forced to explore this Deck. Apparently, The Many have begun to use Hydroponics as a breeding ground, taking advantage of its climate control systems. The Soldier will need to find a way to disrupt their operation in order to head to Operations. Polito will instruct the Soldier to pick up a large vial on one of the desks - an experimental chemical agent called Toxin-A, designed to kill off the infestation aboard the Von Braun. Once Toxin-A is researched, the Soldier can insert the vials into four Environmental Regulators located throughout this Deck to purge the annelid biomass.

Deck Layout

Hydroponics Map
Hydroponics Map 2
Hydroponics Map 3
This Deck features the following areas:
  • Sector A
  • Sector B
  • Sector C
  • Sector D
    • Hydroponics Laboratories
    • Hydroponics Offices
  • Biological Survey
  • Cultivation Pool
  • Cultivation Cells
  • Observation Lounge
  • Storage Rooms
    • Storage 3A
  • Coolant Tank Chamber
  • Turbine Control Room
  • Security Station
  • Chemical Store Room

This Deck is divided into four different sectors each with their own Environmental Regulator that allows the environment to be regulated and changed if needed to accommodating any organic beings whether plant, animal, or alien.

Sector B and C

  • Sectors B and C contains access to the ship's central elevator, the Biological Survey labs, cold storage, the Chemical Store Room, and what appear to be fresh water reserves. There are two Environmental Regulators in this area for each sector.

Sector A

  • Sector A contains a small storage area, four cultivation cells which houses plants that are used to generate the ship's oxygen, and an observation lounge located at the bow of the ship which gives a view into space. There is one Environmental Regulator in this area.

Sector D

  • Sector D contains the coolant tanks of the ship and the turbine control room. There is one Environmental Regulator in this area.

Hydroponics Senior Crew Members


New Weapons

New Armor

New Enemies

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