Hybrid Organ
Type Organ
Research Object
First Found on MedSci Deck (potential loot)
Dropped by Pipe Hybrid (5%) x2
Shotgun Hybrid (5%) x2
Grenade Hybrid (5%) x2
Researchable Yes, Research skill: 1
Research Time 1:30 (max)
Chemicals Needed
Stackable No
Recycleable No
Transmutative No
Duplicative No
Summon Code og organ

The Hybrid Organ is a pulpy, kidney-shaped organ that controls most of a Hybrid's vital functions. Researching it will let you learn how to best target the Hybrid for maximal damage. All damage you deal to Hybrids will be increased by 25%, and this bonus applies to all Hybrid varieties.

Researching this item requires Research skill level 1. No chemicals are needed.


  • This item can be studied without learning any Research skill if a charged LabAssistant™ Implant is equipped.
    • Moreover, it is possible to analyze the item at the speed of Research skill level 2, while it's still at level 0!
      This trick is performed by equipping the LabAssistant™, starting the research and then unequipping the Implant. Furthermore, the Implant's energy storage will not be consumed if the trick is done fast enough.

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