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A Hybrid is the result of an annelid Grub infecting a human host. The worm takes control of the host's central nervous system using it to serve the will of the Many. The host, however, is conscious of his/her actions, but helpless to resist the control of the worm. Hybrids will usually warn the player of their presence and ask for a quick end to their suffering.


DNA structure indicates that this organism is a hybrid of a human host and a parasitic organism. Although the parasite (resembling a yard-long worm) has deteriorated to a stage beyond useful analysis, the effects of the process are evident.

Severe deterioration of higher level mental processes is caused by tumorous growths along the spinal column and brain stem. The non-human tissues seem to be formed of a composite of small worm-like creatures that have adapted into the host body and taken over a majority of motor-control and decision-making functions.

There also appears to be direct stimulation of the autonomic nervous and glandular systems. Hence, the organism produces exceptional amounts of both adrenaline and endorphins, making it remarkably strong and aggressive. What remains can not really be called human at all. The damage done to the host by the process is irrevocable, and the organism now functions with no sense of morality or hesitation.

Recommendation: The organism is vulnerable to the same forms of stimuli as a human. However, the changes in its physiology suggest a chemistry more complex than is currently understood. Further analysis of similar organisms might provide more insight in this area.


Pipe Hybrid

These Hybrids possess moderate strength, stamina, and speed; but a reduced intelligence resulting in their tactics (i.e. rushing the player and simple dodges) being easily countered.

Shotgun Hybrid

These Hybrids present a greater threat than their pipe-wielding brethren due to their ranged capabilities, but have the same general stats (save for a slight health boost) and tactics (i.e. dodging).

Grenade Hybrid

While they sound dangerous on paper, they really aren't. Even at long range these Hybrids prefer to melee the player instead of throwing their grenades. Even when they do choose to use their grenades they can easily be dodged unless cornered. The same tactics and stats apply to this variant of Hybrid as well.


  • Avoid combat if possible.
  • Use a melee weapon when appropriate (in close-quarters area or sneaking e.g. from behind).
  • Use anti-personnel ammunition.
  • Dodge and strafe in melee combat.
  • Know your surroundings.
  • Do not get cornered.