Humanoid Mutant


HumanoidMutant Icon

Enemy Stats
First Encounter Hospital Level
Most Common Hospital Level
Research Level
Preferred Weapon Lead Pipe
Dart Pistol
Gas Grenade (for Groups)
Primary Attack Claws (Melee)
Damage (per Hit) 12
Attack Range 2
Hit Points 50
Perception Low
Disruptability 40%
Armor Value 0
Defense Value 3
Loot 2 of the following:
Beverage Container

The Humanoid Mutants are one of the first enemies encountered in System Shock. They are also one of the weakest.


Specimen # 79 - Exposed to the highly mutagenic viral agent without careful clinical controls, humans experience an exhilarating surge of strength and an accompanying loss of intellectual capacities. This unfortunate trial, before we were aware of our inability to control the mutation in human subjects, resulted in incredible distortion in bone, muscle, connective and neural tissues. The subjects have shown mental deviation toward violent and childlike behavior. More analysis is necessary before we will resume human testing again.
~ Hans Bichenbach, Head of the Citadel Station Biology Department

These Mutants populate the Hospital and Research Levels of Citadel Station. Their origins can clearly be seen, as they resemble a mildly deformed slender human with long arms. Remnants of their clothing are still present, and they are barefoot. They seem to stand around or wander aimlessly until spotting the player or being alerted to their presence. In this instance, they start to close in and try to attack. The Humanoid Mutant will respawn frequently in the Hospital Level.


The sole attack of the Humanoid is a diagonal arm swipe accompanied by a bestial growl, which means they must be at least at arm’s length to damage the player. They inflict moderate damage and can be killed with a Lead Pipe quite easily (4-5 well aimed hits), but will definitely connect a swipe or two in this case. They only pose a real threat when in high numbers and attacking from multiple directions. In this case, try to keep your distance while attempting to get a clean shot on them.

The Dart Pistol will finish a Humanoid Mutant in 2 shots, and the Minipistol takes 3-4 normal rounds to take it down. However, it is strongly recommended to use the SparqBeam on them in the initial part of the game with easily accessible power terminals, so you can amass darts and rounds for later use. Anything stronger than the Dart Gun, Minipistol, or SparqBeam is just a waste of ammo. They are also affected by the tranquilizer darts, but the effect wears off quickly.

Searching their dead bodies will mostly yield Dermal Patches, useless Beverage Containers, and on rare occasions a SparqBeam.


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