System Shock - Audio Log
From Althea Grossman
Althea grossman
Human Resistance (2)
Subject human Resistance
Date 02.NOV.72
Recipient -
Level Level 1 - Hospital
Location STD Access room outside the first bulkhead door.
Nathan D'Arcy is working out a plan for stopping SHODAN from firing the laser. We have built a fortification in beta quadrant, the "east" wing, protected by a radioactive trench.  Mutants are all over the station now.  Food lockers have been ransacked, so they scavenge for food in the corridors, devouring crew members if they please.  I have seen them nesting in gamma, collecting corpses to eat later.  We have guards posted to the north and south, with controls for force bridges over the trench.  I have sent out a party to the west wing to find supplies, as we only have enough food and firepower for a few days.
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