System Shock - Audio Log
From Althea Grossman
Althea grossman
Human Resistance
Subject human Resistance
Date 31.OCT.72
Recipient -
Level Level 1 - Hospital
Location In the first toxic room in the hallway before the small garden area.
We are one of the last pockets of resistance on the station. It's up to us now to get to the bridge and stop SHODAN, although some of us want to try to reach the flight deck and escape, as Robin Kell's group tried to do.  I am full of fears -- that SHODAN's cyborgs are too strong, that we are too few -- and now it seems that the others are looking to me for guidance.  Our hopes are pinned to the armory in gamma quadrant where we can get arms to use against the mutants.  Todd Blankenship was able to get the combination 705 from a security officer.  We'll try for it tomorrow.
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