System Shock − Log
From Rebecca Lansing
Subject Hospital
Date 06.NOV.72
Recipient Hacker
Level Level 1 - Hospital
Location Cyberspace
[name], if you're reading this, it means you've made it to the cyberjack on the hospital level.  Good.  I'll leave messages in each section of TriOptimum cyberspace, and hope SHODAN doesn't find and destroy them.
As with many levels on Citadel, the hospital has four sections, labeled Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta, around a central hub.  Alpha is home to the station's main cyborg production facility.  Beta is largely offices and labs, and can be reached by an elevator off the hub.  Gamma contains  an emergency armory and maintenance areas.  In Delta are several multi-purpose rooms, including the one which contains the cyberjack.
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