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Enemy Stats
First Encounter Level 1 - Hospital
Most Common Level R - Reactor
Preferred Weapon Mag-Pulse Rifle
Lead Pipe (Berserk Only)
Primary Attack Energized Laser Torch
Damage (per Hit) 35
Attack Range 7
Hit Points 110
Armor Value 35
Defense Value 4
Disruptability 25%
Perception Medium
Loot nothing (100%)

The Hopper is an enemy encountered in System Shock.


Designed for laser welding and cutting, the Hopper works in coordination with Repair-Bots for major repair jobs. They follow computer-assigned tasks and employ a powerful laser torch. Their low-level diagnostic capabilities allow them to identify potential mechanical breakdowns and report them to the central maintenance hub.
~ Catalog of Robotic Assistants on Citadel Station

You will first encounter a Hopper on Hospital Level of Citadel Station, although they are most common on the Reactor Level. Originally automated welders, they have been reprogrammed by SHODAN to attack unwanted guests.


Hoppers are especially dangerous early on in the game when all you have are pistol-sized weapons. While they can be easily wiped out by the Mag-Pulse Rifle it would be wise to try and save the ammo. Take them out using the SparqBeam or Minipistol instead (or the Lead Pipe with Berserk if you feel lucky and don't mind a trip to the Restoration Bay).

Once you have the access to rifle-sized weaponry they become less an actual threat and more of a nuisance. Speaking of which, they are highly annoying due to the fact that they never have any loot on their wrecks. Be sure to keep this in mind when running low on ammo, so you don't waste bullets on an investment with no return.