Grub Pod Organ
Grub Pod Organ icon
Type Organ
Research Object
First Found on Hydroponics Deck
Dropped by Grub Egg (always)
Researchable Yes, Research skill: 1
Research Time 12:00 (max)
Chemicals Needed Ga @ 33,4%,
Cf @ 66,8%
Stackable No
Recycleable No
Transmutative No
Duplicative No
Summon Code grub organ

The Grub Pod Organ is the entire digestive tract of a Grub. Researching it will allow you to learn the vulnerabilities of this creature, although they're so easily killed it hardly matters.

Researching this item requires Research skill level 1. Both Californium (Cf) and Gallium (Ga) are required in the process.


  • This item can be studied without learning any Research skill if a charged LabAssistant™ Implant is equipped.
    • Moreover, it is possible to analyze the item at the speed of Research skill level 2, while it's still at level 0!
      This trick is performed by equipping the LabAssistant™, starting the research and then unequipping the Implant. Furthermore, the Implant's energy storage will not be consumed if the trick is done fast enough.

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