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Grub Egg
Enemy Stats
First Encounter Hydroponics Deck
Hit Points 10
Speed Immobile
Weakness Anti-Annelid attacks (4x)
Anti-Personnel ammo (2x)
Incendiary attacks (2x)
Loot Grub Pod Organ (always)
Annelid Healing Gland (30%)
Annelid Psi Organ (5%)
nothing (65%)
Summon Code grub floor pod (doesn't burst)
grub wall pod (doesn't burst)

Grub Eggs are large, waist-high, flesh-colored spherical pods that hold Grubs.

Eggs are birthed from a special site within the Many's biomass, where they are created from consumed biological matter, usually human corpses. They are apparently unsuited for life aboard starships and need to be tended lest they die prematurely. In addition, they erupt violently when approached too closely by entities not part of the Many, showering the area with their harmful contents.

However, they are also a source of annelid tissue, which can be researched and used by the soldier for beneficial effects. Eggs produce a unique sound, which one witness in the original exploration team described as "music". Grub Pods are numerous and can be found almost anywhere after and especially on the Hydroponics Deck.


Grub Pods don't directly represent a threat to you, but their frequency makes them a common sight, as you'll need to waste quite a bit of ammo on them throughout the game. Avoid getting close, as using a melee weapon risks releasing the Grubs inside. It's generally more economical to search them before destroyed, however ; they behave like containers and often hold Annelid Healing Glands and sometimes Annelid Psi Organs, which serve as more than enough compensation for the danger posed by releasing the grubs inside.

  • Actually, if you're careful enough, you can search the egg and destroy it (albeit using a ranged weapon, unless your melee weapons is of a greater range, like PSI sword or a laser rapier). Duck and slowly approach them in small steps, aiming at them. If you see the interface outline - you can search them. After that you can even leave them alone.
  • Where there are large quantities of Eggs, they are frequently guarded by Cyborg Midwives, so watch out for those.
  • Some Eggs are hidden in difficult-to-see spots on the ceiling, so watch out for Grubs falling from above.