Enemy Stats
First Encounter Engineering Deck
Hit Points 5
Damage 4
Damage Type Anti-Human
Splash Damage No
Speed Moderate
Weakness Anti-Annelid attacks (4x)
Anti-Personnel ammo (2x)
Incendiary attacks (2x)
External Psionic Detonation (2x)
Loot no loot (100%)
Summon Code grub
Grubs, also known as "worms", are the most basic of annelid life forms, appearing as a large worm which enters into unwilling hosts and gradually takes control of their nervous system, hooking them into The Many's collective consciousness via telepathy. Although individual Annelid Grubs are no real threat, and SOLDIER G65434-2 is in no actual danger of becoming a Hybrid himself, Annelid Grubs serve as a common nuisance as he explores the Von Braun.


The Grubs are the female form of the first-stage Annelid life cycle. The creature is principally nervous system and musculature - the highly advanced (for a worm) nervous system appears to be tied into a rudimentary psionic sense organ. While wormlike in appearance, the Grub has no actual digestive tract, but is furnished with energy reserves at birth. When these are depleted, the creature shuts down into a dormant state, possibly until a further Psionic trigger acts on it.

They attempt to bore into the neck of their victims and lodge there. From that point, they use telepathic communication to overcome the will of their host and turn them into something other than human.

A complex muscular system allows them to spring several feet into the air to attack. Like all pure Annelids, they are resistant to Energy Weapons, so a Laser Pistol is the only weapon that won't necessarily kill a Grub in a single shot. While the Grubs themselves are too small to salvage useful organs from, you can research organs from their Eggs, with small amounts of Gallium and Californium.


Annelid Grubs are a very common sight aboard the Von Braun and the UNN Rickenbacker. They may turn up as early as the Engineering Deck, and will be seen intermittently for the rest of the game. As large worms, they're pretty much incapable of doing serious harm to the Soldier, and are at best an annoyance.

Later in the game, they will tend to appear in greater numbers, often feasting upon human corpses. In large numbers they become significantly more difficult to deal with, as they're capable of jumping to reach him from a distance and tend to swarm a bit. Do not bother wasting ammo on these worms unless you need an explosive blast to kill a large number of them in a hurry ; otherwise use melee weapons to dispose of them one-by-one. While it is possible to 'swat' a Grub flying toward you in midair, doing so is very difficult and it will likely hit you for minor damage. Wait until they're on the ground, then deal with them appropriately.

Some eggs are hidden in difficult-to-see spots on the ceiling, so watch out for Grubs falling from above!



  • A large portion of the worm is still seen on the Hybrid when attached to it.