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Grenade Hybrid
Enemy Stats
First Encounter Operations Deck
Recreation Deck
Hit Points 15
Damage 10
Damage Type Standard
Splash Damage Yes, distance-independent
Speed Moderate to Fast
Weakness Anti-Personnel ammo (4x)
Incendiary attacks (2x)
Anti-Human attacks (2x)
Imposed Neural Restructuring
Psionic Hypnogenesis
Stasis Field Generator
Loot 2 of the following:
3 Frag Grenades (15%)
5 Nanites (15%)
Medical Hypo (10%)
Cigarettes (25%)
Hybrid Organ (5%)
nothing (30%)
Summon Code og-grenade
Voiced by Stephen Russell

Grenade Hybrids are first encountered on either the Operations or Recreation Decks and they're quite commonplace there. Hybrids are humans who have been infected by the parasitic Annelids, and mutated into monsters in service of the Many. Grenade Hybrids are, as their name indicates, equipped with frag grenades that they'll throw your way, but aren't a major threat by the point they're encountered when compared to other enemies.


Grenade Hybrids are in theory the toughest Hybrids you'll face, though that's not really saying much. Although Grenade Hybrids can on occasion be dangerous, the damage they do isn't as high as you'd expect, they are predictable and their attack speed is quite low. On top of that, they tend to need several seconds to attack upon initial contact, and are fairly inaccurate, meaning that they're actually a bit less dangerous than Shotgun Hybrids unless they get the drop on you. Due to the fact that they tend to run away rather than engage in melee, they're best taken out from a distance.

These Hybrids aren't bright enough to stay out of the blast radius themselves, so if you close to melee range, they'll probably kill themselves - but they'll do enough damage to you in the process.

In addition, their lack of self-preservation coupled with ignorance of friendly fire can make them a useful-if-risky way to dispose of other Hybrids, Annelid spiders and Protocol Droids - if you're nimble enough to dodge the tossed grenade as well as avoid its blast radius.

Their grenades deal a distance-independent splash damage. That means getting further from the explosion (but still within its range) won't reduce the damage in any way, only getting out of the range of explosion will result in no damage at all.


  • Apparently, they were selected more for their speed than their strength (although for some reason drinkers tend to become Shotgun Hybrids and smokers tend to become Grenade Hybrids, while Pipe Hybrids are just caffeine fiends).
  • One of their arms appears larger/more muscular than the other. This could indicate they are beginning to change into Rumblers.