Greg MacLeod
Greg macleod
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Deceased
Location Citadel StationStorage
Game(s) System Shock
Voice Actor Greg LoPiccolo

Greg MacLeod was working on the Storage Level on Citadel Station. His logbook had a malfunction and his messages went through corrupted.

He notified Sabo Engle that SHODAN recalled all Enviro-Suits on the station, but he managed to stash one in his storage cell. He also hid the Plastique the robots were looking for. The next day Engle told him about a plague loose on the Executive Level and asked him once more for the code to the storage cell where he kept the suit.

MacLeod managed to steal one plastique charge before taken by the robots to one of the raised compartments to the north. The next day he made a move but did not expect the area to be guarded and the conflict damaged the catwalks. There he found also Jon David Wong's body. MacLeod got a hole opened on his side and probably was not able to heal himself.

Audio Logs

Level 4 - Storage


  • The character's in-game portrait is a scanned photo of Carl Muckenhoupt, one of the developers that worked on the game.

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