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Genius Mind-Enhancer
Type Dermal Patch
First Found on Level 2 - Research
Destructible Yes
Hit Points 20
Stackable Yes

The Genius Mind-Enhancer is a dermal patch found in System Shock.

An experimental combat-enhancement patch developed by TriOptimum Pharmaceutical in the 2070's, it enhances concentration and problem-solving abilities, making puzzles easier to solve.

The method of application is a dermal patch applied directly to the skin, with the dose delivered by dermal osmosis. These compounds are still being tested and show serious side effects with their current compositions.


The Genius Mind-Enhancer works for about 30 seconds during which the wire puzzles have lowered threshold scores whereas the grid puzzles show next step if the solution is whithin 3 steps. The use of this patch has a dangerous side effect described as "diziness" - the left-right controls are temporarily reversed.