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Type Entertainment
First Found MedSci Deck
Researchable No
Stackable No
Recycleable No
Transmutative No
Duplicative No
Summon Code gameboy
VMU is not liable for any accidents which may occur due to distraction from playing GamePigTM games in a heads-up display. Oink!
~ Disclaimer from Vortex Mechanics Unlimited

The GamePigTM Entertainment Device, also known as MFD Game Player, is able to play dozens of different games simply by inserting new Memory Cartridges. Most games star Grunty the Gaming Pig, who first rose to fame in the 2005 interactive entertainment Corporate Swine.

The MFD Game Player hooks up directly to any MFD, allowing the user to play games on their military grade cyber interface. A few cartridges may be found throughout the game, and the player can use their MFD to play those. However, the world continues on around them persistently, so the player can still be killed by varying elements of the environment.

With a very high Hacking skill (or use of the ICE Pick) the player may hack the Game Player, allowing access to all the standard games and gaining bonuses in 3 games (OverWorld Zero, Street Hog and Burro Hog).

List of In-Game Cartridges

List of Unused Game Cartridges

These cartridges can be summoned and actually played, but not found in the game itself:

This cartridge can't be summoned, is only obtainable by editing the game files and can't be played:

This game is mentioned-only (in the description of the MFD Player):


  • If the horrors of the Von Braun turn out to be too much for you to take, find yourself a GamePig™ and a game cartridge and settle down for some relaxing fun.
  • The GamePig™ is a reference to the Gameboy, popular at the time of System Shock 2's release.
  • Playing minigames is an option to spend some time while waiting for Research to complete.
  • After defeating final bosses in OverWorld Zero, you gain 20 Nanites as a reward.

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