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Fragmentation Grenade
Weapon Data
First Found Level 1 - Hospital
Dropped by Cyborg Drones (5%)
Cyborg Warriors (5%)
Destructible Yes
Hit Points 10
Operation Contact Explosion
Attack Type Projectile
Damage 150
Armor Penetration 20
Offense Value 3
Blast Radius 4
For the System Shock 2 ammunition, see Fragmentation Grenades.

A Fragmentation Grenade is an explosive weapon found in System Shock.


This grenade’s metal fragments make it an ideal anti-personnel weapon. Its percussion trigger, once armed, causes the device to explode on impact with either an enemy, an solid object in the environment such as a table, or the floor.

The most common grenade aboard Citadel Station, Fragmentation Grenades are also 'renewable' in that they can be looted from some types of cyborgs once destroyed. While initially quite useful to the Hacker, their value gradually decreases as tougher enemies begin appearing. Heavier robotic units in particular such as the Security-2-Bot are quite capable of shrugging off multiple Fragmentation Grenades and still functioning.

One slightly unorthodox use for Fragmentation Grenades is to rapidly clear a room of a large number of corpses. The blast will vaporize the corpses, which will promptly drop any loot they have for quick and convenient looting.

Note that grenades cannot be disarmed once armed by double-clicking in the MFD.