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FlierBot Icon

Enemy Stats
First Encounter Reactor Level
Most Common Security Level
Preferred Weapon Magnum Pistol (Hollow Rounds)
Primary Attack Energy Beam
Secondary Attack Gas Grenade
Damage (per Hit) 30 (Primary)
150 (Secondary)
Attack Range 7 (Primary)
12 (Secondary)
Hit Points 75
Perception Medium
Disruptability 30%
Armor Value 30
Defense Value 2
Loot 2 of the following:
SV Needle Darts
ML Standard Rounds
ML Teflon Rounds
AM Hornet Clip

The Flier-Bot is an enemy encountered in System Shock.


This wandering security robot doubles as a portable welding bot capable of working on vertical surfaces. A self-governing mango-orientation device and flight turbines keep the flier-bot stable during routine maintenance work.
~ Catalog of Robotic Assistants on Citadel Station

These flying machines can mostly be found on the Security Level, and have 2 methods of attack - an energy beam if you're close enough and gas grenades if you're out of range.


Energy weapons, Assault Rifles, and Magnum Pistols work well against these enemies.


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