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Fake ID Software
Type Software Program
First Found Level 9 Cyberspace
Destructible No
I tried to burn my way into TriOpt c-space once. Picked up a Fake ID program from a dealer in Russian softs, and planned on making a quiet withdrawal. The I.C.E. was no problem, but the cyberdogs were all over me before I could score. TriOpt coders don’t play around; their attack routines trashed my Net link and nearly fried my head. I heard voices for a week...
~ Syndy/3, Pirate

Fake ID I.C.E. Infiltrator is a software program in System Shock.

Another one-use soft tool, this allows you to trick I.C.E. Barriers into thinking you’re an authorized user with full access. BloodCat, one of the most notorious Cyberspace thieves to ever ride the Net, used an early version of this routine to pass into the accounting node for the National Business Machines Corp. in 2070.


  • This Software Program has no dedicated MFD icon in the game.
  • There is only one Fake ID Software in the game. You can use it to pass through I.C.E. Barriers without the use of an I.C.E. Drill.