External Psionic Detonation is a Tier Five Psionic Discipline that drops a Psionic proximity mine.
They deal 30 points of damage (regardless of PSI level) to target (non-robotic) creatures, with the exception of pure Annelids that receive double that damage.

Duration: 4 minutes

Damage: 30

Type of Damage: Psionic

Radius: 10 feet

Damage Table

Annelid Half-Annelid Mech Half-Mech Final Boss
PSI mine x2 x1 x0 x1 x1

Strategic Analysis

  • This Power gives you the Psionic equivalent of the Grenade Launcher's Proximity Grenades (with triple their basic damage ; unfortunately also with a 4 minute timeout, while armed Proximity Grenades don't explode without a trigger at all) without having to learn Heavy Weapons skill.
  • This Power can be useful for setting traps of various sorts. Have in mind that you can't set it off yourself, and you won't be harmed if an enemy detonates it when you're standing nearby.
  • It is preferable to place the mines minding the specific enemies that would be the target. For example, Arachnids are best targeted when the mines are placed low (when crouching), and Psi Reavers are obviously easier hit with mines floating in the air (requiring jumping when placing the mines).
  • It's important to know that the mines don't always function properly, especially in case of fast moving opponents like Rumblers. Also, sometimes they detonate prematurely when approached, causing no damage to the enemy.
  • This Power does not work on Annelid Swarms at all, as they both don't set the mines off and are immune to their damage.
  • Along with Instantaneous Quantum Relocation, it is the only Psi Power that does not depend on your PSI level at all.

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