Explosives are a powerful alternative to conventional weapons. They inflict damage in a wide range, so a single grenade can injure multiple enemies. If you’re too close to a grenade when it goes off, you take damage yourself.

Explosives fall into three categories: contact-sensitive, timed and landmines. The effect of each depends on its type.

  • Contact-Sensitive Explosives detonate upon impact against a wall, creature or other object.
  • Timed Explosives explode at a set time after being armed. Adjust the time using the slider control in the grenade’s MFD before you arm and throw it.
  • Landmines detonate after they have settled to the ground and something collides with them.

Throwing Grenades

To activate and throw a grenade...

  1. Open the MAIN page of your Inventory Panel.
  2. Use a grenade to put it in your hand. Now the grenade is live.
  3. Throw the grenade just like you throw other objects.

Remember that the distance between where you press the right mouse button and where you release it determines the height and distance of your throw. Note that if this distance is too great, you’ll end up throwing the grenade into the ceiling.

If you’re holding a live timed grenade when the time runs out, it will explode and injure you with twice the normal damage. You cannot put a live grenade into your Inventory.


  • To change the detonation time for the Nitropack and Earth-Shaker explosives, open the ITEM MFD to access the sliding timer. Then, click on the slider and drag it to change the detonation time. (The default time is seven seconds.)

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