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Enemy Stats
First Encounter Level R - Reactor
Most Common Level 6 - Executive
Preferred Weapon Magnum Pistol (Heavy Slugs)
Mag-Pulse Rifle
Primary Attack Projectiles
Damage (per Hit) 30
Attack Range 6
Hit Points 225
Armor Value 40
Defense Value 2
Disruptability 20%
Perception Medium
Loot 2 of the following:
AM Hornet Clip (10%)
AM Splinter Clip (25%)
Hollow-Tip 2100 Clip (15%)
Heavy Slug 2100 Clip (7%)
Mark3 Magnesium-Tips (10%)
nothing (33%)

The Exec-Bot is an enemy encountered in System Shock.


Suitable for luxury servitude or simple systems analyses, this semi-intelligent robot with stylish humanoid appearance meets strictest quality guidelines for general-purpose robots. Originally designed as a bodyguard for executives, the exec-bot has built-in armament.
~ Catalog of Robotic Assistants on Citadel Station

As their name implies, these bots are found most commonly on the Executive Level. They use projectile weapons and are quite heavily armored.


A Magnum Pistol with Heavy Slugs is recommended to dispatch them at the very least, and the Mag-Pulse Rifle is highly recommended. Be cautious when you first encounter them, as you won't have had the opportunity to acquire an Energy/Projectile Shield, and they can dish out damage quite as well as they take it.

If you're more a fan of energy weapons you'll definitely want to trade out your trusty SparqBeam for something heavier ; even on Overload you simply won't be doing enough damage per shot. Exec-Bots also tend to be found near one or more other Cyborgs. If they are together close enough, an EMP grenade might be a good idea for "group therapy".