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Environmental Protection Suit
Type Hardware Attachments
First Found Level 4 - Storage (v1)
Level 3 - Maintenance (v2)
Level 7 - Engineering (v3)
Destructible No
Stackable Yes

The Environmental Protection Suit (also called Envirosuit, Enviro-Suit, or E-Suit) is a hardware attachment found in System Shock.

It emits an energy field that filters harmful contaminants, protecting the wearer from Environmental Hazards. Ongoing experiments with protective wear have produced a suit that provides both these functions at a low energy cost. In areas without Radiation and Bio-Contamination, this suit uses no energy. Whenever these hazards are present, the suit is a high energy drain.

The early version of the EnviroSuit (dark violet Bio-Suit) protects only against biological contaminants, while two later versions (deep red Radiation Suits) also shield the wearer against Radiation hazards.


Upon obtaining this attachment, it stays active automatically, thus it doesn't have its own MFD button.

Running around rapidly from tile to tile in a "hot" zone can drain power more quickly, without any indication of extra power use beyond a quicker decrease of the meter. This is likely due to the way the game implements such zones. This extra power usage will not reflect in the suit absorbing any extra contamination, nor the player maintaining a higher post-absorption dose.

This was tested in an extreme scenario, namely constant sprinting around a 100+ LBP area. In actual gameplay, the slower, stop-start movement of combat and exploring would not increase power use so extremely, and what extra use there is would be hard to notice with the added drain of the shields to deal with the other kind of "heat".


Version Cost* Function
v1 .25 83% biological damage absorbed.
v2 .16/.25 85% biological and 83% radiation damage absorbed.
v3 .11/.16 88% biological and 85% radiation damage absorbed.

Note: Cost reflects how much energy is drained per each LBP unit absorbed by the suit.