Energy Weapons are the second weapon class in System Shock 2. As the name implies, Energy Weapons are driven entirely by electrical energy, instead of standard ammunition. Energy Weapons are charged by Recharger Stations scattered throughout the Von Braun. In addition, they can be charged via a battery.

Three weapons exist in the class. They are:

It is also a combat skill in the game, and depends on the difficulties, one can normally specialize in 1-2 combat skills in a game.

Damage bonus

Whenever a player upgrades a combat skill by one level, each weapon of the same type below that level gains a bonus damage of 15%. For example, when a combat skill reaches level 2 , weapons that required level 1 will gain a 15% extra damage, and weapons that required level 3-6 cannot get any bonus, of course. One should note that level 6 weapons will never obtain any bonus from combat skills.

Specializing in Energy Weapons


  • Ranged Energy Weapons use electrical energy as ammunition, and can be recharged at any Recharger Station. As long as the player can find a station in the area, these weapons have an infinite amount of ammunition.
  • Energy Weapons inflict a large amount of bonus damage to mechanical enemies, especially the EMP Rifle, which can take down any droid in no time.
  • Energy Weapons are recoilless.
  • The Laser Rapier can be a quick replacement of the wrench.
  • All Energy Weapons deal a lot of damage to the final boss.


  • There are no Recharge Stations on the UNN Rickenbacker, and could put the player into trouble if one is not prepared for the situation.
  • Energy Weapons are markedly less effective against organic enemies.
    • They cannot deal bonus damage against purely organic enemies (unlike Standard or Heavy weapons, which can utilize anti-personnel or incendiary ammo).
    • The Laser Rapier and Laser Pistol only deal half damage against fully annelid creatures, including Arachnids and Psi Reavers.
    • The EMP Rifle does absolutely no damage at all against organic enemies, only being effective against Mechs and Cyborgs.
  • Both the Laser Pistol and the EMP Rifle are less practical than their Standard Weapon counterparts.
  • The EMP Rifle deals no damage to the Nodes floating around The Brain of The Many, while hitting them with the Laser Rapier could be a tough job, forcing one to use the weak Laser Pistol.

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