Energy/Projectile Shield


Shield Icon

Shield Button

Type Hardware Attachments
First Found on Level 2 - Research (v1)
Level 5 - Flight Deck (v2)
Level 7 - Engineering (v3)
Level 9 - Bridge (v4)
Destructible No
Stackable Yes
The Energy/Projectile Shield is a hardware attachment found in System Shock. It absorbs the destructive effects of high-speed projectiles and energy beams. The amount of damage absorbed depends on what shield version you’ve grafted onto your interface. When activated, the shield causes the posture character to glow. Later versions give you better protection, but cost more energy.


To use, press the appropriate Side Icon or "5". To adjust the shield level, right-click on the Side Icon and select a level from the ITEM MFD.


Version Energy Usage Function
v1 24 JPM Setting 1 available.
v2 24/60 JPM Settings 1 and 2 available.
v3 24/60/105 JPM Settings 1, 2, and 3 available.
v4 30 JPM Setting 4 available.


Setting Energy Usage Function
1 24 JPM Absorbs 20% of all damage.
2 60 JPM Absorbs 10 hit points and 40% of all damage.
3 105 JPM Absorbs 15 hit points and 75% of all damage.
4 30 JPM Absorbs 30 hit points and 75% of all damage.

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