System Shock - Audio Log
From Althea Grossman
Althea grossman
End of the Line
Subject end of the line
Date 26.OCT.72
Recipient -
Level Level 1 - Hospital
Location In the small garden area.
Carl returned from the cyborg region without Alan, who was captured and carried into a room marked 'cyborg conversion'.  He watched from a hiding place as Alan walked out later, coated with pieces of metal and plastic. Carl marked the room with the word 'here' and ran out.  It seems to be a surgery room that was converted to perform lobotomies and cyborg part grafting.  Robots scouring the station for human bodies bring them here to be made into cyborgs.  I believe we could send someone in to flip a switch and change the converter program to heal humans as it did before.  Unfortunately, none of us has the strength to do it. There are only a dozen of us left and we have no supplies.  I'm afraid the others' faith in me was ill-placed.
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