Elevators are used to reach different Levels of
Citadel Station. There are several types of normal-sized Elevators and a large Freight Elevator on the Station.

Citadel Station's Elevators

  • R−2−3
  • 3−45 (Freight)
  • 3−6
  • 7−8
  • 8➝9 (one-way)
  • First found Elevator (on Level 1)
  • Level 1 Elevator opened
  • The large Freight Elevator
  • Freight Elevator opened
  • Groves' Elevator (also used on other Levels)
  • Groves' Elevator Opened
  • Executive Elevator
  • Executive Elevator opened


  • On Mission difficulties 1 or higher, some Levels are inaccessible until certain Mission elements are performed:
    • 3-6 and 5-6 elevators arrive at Executive Level only after completing the Laser Mission
    • 6-7 elevator takes the player to Engineering only after jettisoning Beta Grove
  • There is a chance that even when the Mission difficulty is set to 0, the player will be informed by the PA System of either "power diverted to level R." or "Elevator disabled: BioHazard emergency." after using the control Panel inside the 3-6 / 5-6 or 6-7 Elevator(s) respectively. These messages can be repeated very fast, over and over again. The same can happen in 6-G3 Elevator ("Gamma Grove already jettisoned."). The game can also partially freeze. This chance is rare and the exact causes of this are unknown.
  • Almost all Elevators in the game (with the exception of Freight, Groves' and 5-6 ones) were originally supposed to take the player to Levels: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8 - as shown on their inactive, dim panel buttons.
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