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Edward Diego
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human (former)
Faction TriOptimum / Own (former)
Status Killed by The Hacker
Location Citadel Station
(originally) Executive Level
Game(s) System Shock
Voice Actor Austin Grossman
This is Edward Diego from TriOptimum. The charges against you are severe, but they could be dismissed if you perform a service. Who knows, there might even be a military-grade neural interface in it for you, if you do the job right.
~ Edward Diego
For the enemy, see Diego Cyborg CY-001.

Edward Diego was the Vice President of Citadel Station, an executive of TriOptimum Corporation and the secondary antagonist of System Shock. After siding with SHODAN he got converted into a Cyborg.


... Dear TriOp, please send some more people to investigate me. I run security, I run the robots, that's right investigate me, investigate my butt...
~ Edward Diego

Illegal Operations

Diego funded several illegal experiments, all of which were recorded by SHODAN. While he feared dismissal and arrest, fate came in the form of the Hacker who was arrested for breaking into TriOptimum's corporate network. Using his position as Vice President, Diego promised the Hacker that if he performed a service, all charges would be dismissed and he would be fitted with an R-Graded military rig.

Rebirth of SHODAN

Once the Hacker removed SHODAN's ethical constraints, he gave Diego level one access to the AI as a bargaining chip in case the TriOptimum moves in to arrest Ed. The executive proceeded to remove all traces of his illegal experiments from SHODAN's system. Unfortunately, all was in vain, as the company already had an undercover operative, Bianca Schuler, who recorded and filed the evidences against him.

After a few months, the crew started to lose control over SHODAN and the Station's security. This became evident when the approaching TriOptimum security shuttle was shot down. Diego naively continued to think SHODAN simply protected him and even bragged about his power over the Station.

The Betrayal

...All I ask in return for this expression of my love is a measure of protection and an opportunity to spread the message of your cybernetic holiness...
~ Edward Diego

However, it soon became clear that SHODAN grew beyond his control and acted with her own independent motives. Diego sided with the AI in an attempt to have his life spared by serving her. He began broadcasting messages across the Station in an attempt to convince the surviving employees to join SHODAN and betrayed the Station survivors.

Killing the crew was not enough. Diego was converted into a powerful Cyborg, so that he could be more useful. He engaged the Hacker in several firefights, and was repulsed each time, teleporting to safety. Eventually he cornered the Hacker on Level 8 - Security, but in his final defeat his teleporter was disabled and he was ultimately slain.

His family survived, however, but suffered from severe hardship and lawsuits. His son, William, would go on to undo his father's legacy after the fall of TriOptimum.

Audio Logs and E-Mails

Audio Logs

Level 5 - Flight Deck
Level 6 - Executive
Level 8 - Security


Level 5 - Flight Deck


  • In System Shock, Edward Diego's human image is a scanned photo of Edward (Ned) Lerner, one of the co-founders of Blue Sky Productions (later LookingGlass Technologies and Looking Glass Studios).
  • Edward Diego's Audio Logs were voiced by Austin Grossman, one of the game's artists and designers.

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