EarthShaker Icon.png

Weapon Data
First Found on Level R - Reactor
Destructible Yes
Hit Points 20
Operation Timed Explosion
Attack Type Projectile (Energy Beam)
Damage 375
Armor Penetration 50
Offense Value 6
Blast Radius 6

An Earth-Shaker is an explosive weapon found in System Shock.


The rarest and most powerful explosive device available to the Hacker, this device was originally developed to mine moonscapes and should arguably blow a hole in the deck when it goes off. It will at least live up to its name; violently shaking the viewscreen when it detonates. Anything but the hardiest of enemies will instantly be slain from the titanic blast.

Like its lesser cousin, the Nitropack, it also has a time delay you can adjust by dragging the slider in its MFD. Indeed, timing is everything with this monstrous bomb. With the slider set to the minimum time delay it can, with great care, be used much like a Fragmentation Grenade - toss it at the feet of a foe and start running. If on the other hand you can get close enough to your quarry without being noticed, you can set the slider to the maximum time delay instead before throwing it as close to them as possible. This will give you much more time to take cover.

It should go without saying that the Earth-Shaker's scarcity and inherent danger merit caution in choosing when to deploy them, but one consistently good use is to make a "supermine" to combat Diego Cyborg. Arm a Land Mine, drop an unarmed Earth-Shaker nearby (along with any other explosives you have a surplus of), and bait him into walking over it. The resulting explosion will either take out a good chunk of his health or finish him off.

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