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EMP Grenade
Weapon Data
First Found Level 1 - Hospital
Dropped by Cyborg Enforcers (10%)
Destructible Yes
Hit Points 30
Operation Contact Explosion
Attack Type Electromagnetic Pulse
Damage 80
Armor Penetration 100
Offense Value 3
Blast Radius 6
For the System Shock 2 ammunition, see EMP Grenades.

An EMP Grenade is an explosive weapon found in System Shock.


This percussion-triggered grenade emits localized, high-energy electromagnetic pulses, thoroughly disabling electrical systems and robot targets.

The EMP Grenade has a unique effect on the Hacker due to his cybernetic implants: if caught in the EMP blast the screen will 'roll' like a monitor with bad vertical hold for a second. While this does not cause any actual damage per se, it can leave you vulnerable to incoming fire or walking off a ledge because of impaired vision.

EMP Grenades are best used against purely robotic targets or the heaviest of cyborgs, but do no damage to mutants as they do not have any electronic components.

Note that grenades cannot be disarmed once armed by double-clicking in the MFD.