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Disruption Grenades
Disruption Grenades icon transparent.png
Type Ammunition
First Found on Recreation Deck
Researchable No
Stackable Yes
Recycleable Yes, 2 Nanites / Grenade
Transmutative Yes
Duplicative 3 for 75 Nanites
Summon Code toxin grenade (3)

The Disruption Grenade is the only profitable product of the UNN military contractor Flegel-Kraft. Amongst a host of eccentric, technically complex weapons, including the Sulfuric Putty Pancake and the Magnesium Tommygun (neither of which proved themselves in the field) Flegal-Kraft introduced this small, but deadly, explosive. Its explosive radius is much smaller than that of an incendiary or fragmentation grenade, but almost nothing can withstand the center of the explosion.

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