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Diego Cyborg CY-001


DiegoCyborg Icon

Enemy Stats
First Encounter Executive Level
Preferred Weapon Magnum Pistol (Heavy Slugs)
Rail Gun
Primary Attack Two Laser Rapiers
Secondary Attack Projectiles
Damage (per Hit) 80 (Primary)
95 (Secondary)
Attack Range 6 (Primary)
6 (Secondary)
Hit Points 900
Perception High
Disruptability 0%
Armor Value 55
Defense Value 6
Loot Access Card-Diego

...All I ask in return for this expression of my love is a measure of protection and an opportunity to spread the message of your cybernetic holiness...

Diego Cyborg CY-001 was created by SHODAN and is one of the most powerful adversaries encountered by the Hacker in System Shock.


After Edward Diego pledged allegiance to SHODAN, she turned him into a Cyborg in order to serve her, putting him in the role of second in command of Citadel Station. Diego Cyborg is easily recognized by his red-purple armor, wields two Laser Rapiers and uses a personalized ET device, allowing him to teleport out of thin air. 


Diego Cyborg is one of the most difficult enemies in the game. It is highly recommended to turn on the Restoration Bay before engaging in a fight with him. He's first met on Level 6 - Executive, and later reappears on Flight Deck and finally at the very end of Security Level, just before reaching the Elevator to the Bridge. Take caution during the fight, as he does extreme damage (both in close quarters and at a distance) and takes a while to be defeated - even with the Laser Rapier.

It is recommended to activate the Shield, apply Berserk and/or Reflex Patches and use explosives such as grenades if you want to deal with him fast.

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