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Experimental combat-enhancement patches are created by TriOptimum Pharmaceutical Development, applied directly to the skin, with the dose delivered by dermal osmosis.

They showed serious side effects with their current compositions.

Medipatch Healing Agent
An antiseptic healing patch with filler tissue and rapid growth compounds (heals wounds slowly and gradually). It has no side effects (73").
Staminup Stimulant
Reduces weakness and lethargy caused by overexertion (reduces fatigue), but causes full fatigue later (73").
Berserk Combat Booster
Increases upper body strength (inflicting more damage during hand-to-hand combat) but greatly distorts color perception (30").
Sight Vision Enhancement
Intensifies retinal sensitivity to light (makes it easier to see in the dark) but decreases visual acuity later and for a short period everything will appear darker (145").
Reflex Reaction Aid
Increases nerve-muscle reactions, reflexes and sprint speed (makes the outside world seem to move more slowly and quickens reflexes). It also makes MFD mini-games easier to play. The after-effects are that afterwards it slows the user's movement for a short time (58").
Detox Universal Antidote
Counters the effects of toxins and biohazards and removes side effects of other patches, both positive and negative (58").
Genius Mind-Enhancer
Enhances concentration and problem-solving abilities (makes puzzles easier to solve by lowering the threshold of wire puzzles and showing the 3 last steps for a grid puzzle) but temporarily reverses right and left, making the user somewhat vulnerable if attacked (30").