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DH-07 Stun Gun
Weapon Data
First Found Level 1 - Hospital
Destructible No
Operation Low-Intensity,
Concentric Energy Burst
Attack Type Projectile Energy Beam
Damage 2 per Blast (Low)
15 per Blast (High)
Energy Usage 3v (Low)
30v (High)
Armor Penetration 0
Offense Value 3

The DH-07 Stun Gun is a weapon found in System Shock.


This gun throws a weak plasma projectile at a target, discharging an arc that registers 10 kV to stun living creatures and damage cyborgs.

It should be noted that since it has no armor penetration at all that the gun is completely useless against robotic enemies. The Cortex Reaver is likewise immune even though it's technically a cyborg.

Along with the Riot Gun, it wasn't designed to inflict lethal damage and should not be relied on in a combat situation.


  • Most of the weapons' names in System Shock are derived from the initials of the game's makers. In this case, DH stands for Dorian Hart.
  • The animation frame of this weapon firing is actually not shown in the game itself, even if present in the files. This applies to all versions except the Source Port update, where it can be enabled using "Show All Weapon Frames" Game Option.