Cyborg Elite Guard


CyborgElite Icon

Enemy Stats
First Encounter Security Level (on COMBAT 3)
Most Common Bridge
Preferred Weapon Magnum Pistol (Heavy Slugs)
Mag-Pulse Rifle
Rail Gun
Skorpion (Recommended)
Primary Attack Energy Projectiles
Secondary Attack Projectiles
Damage (per Hit) 70 (Primary)
75 (Secondary)
Attack Range 8 (Primary)
9 (Secondary)
Hit Points 380
Perception Medium
Disruptability 5%
Armor Value 50
Defense Value 6

The Cyborg Elite Guard is a cyborg enemy encountered in System Shock, and is also one of the strongest.


The Elite Guards are one of the most dangerous enemies in the game and are the personal bodyguards of SHODAN. They wear a black helmet with red goggles and a black backpack, and are equipped with a plasma cannon mounted on its right arm. They attack with the plasma cannon at close and medium ranges, and a red energy ball projectile from the helmet at long distances. They protect SHODAN's core, since the hacker has delayed all SHODAN's plans, they are in large numbers, making the final room a tough challenge.


Unfortunately, their first attack with the plasma cannon is unavoidable, so it's advised to kill them before they notice you. They die with 3-4 hits with the Laser Rapier on the most difficult combat setting but can also kill the player with a few shots on the same difficulty (4-5).

If engaging them from a distance you will want to bring your most powerful weapons. A Mag-Pulse Rifle is recommended for its armor penetration abilities, or a Rail Gun for the massive amount of damage it packs. They are also one of the few enemies worth the risk of breaking out the Plasma Rifle for. Finally if you happen to have a Concussion Bomb or two to spare, Elite Guards are excellent candidates for using them on.The Skorpion is the best weapon to use against them(most because of the magazine size,damage output and rate of fire) especially if you were conserving it's ammo til the final level.

Levels Encountered

Normally, the Elite Guards are exclusively encountered on the bridge guarding SHODAN's Cyberspace Terminal, but at higher difficulty settings can be found inhabiting the security level as well.



  • The Elite Guard is the enemy pictured on the front cover of the System Shock game box.

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