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Cyborg Drone


CyborgDrone Icon

Enemy Stats
First Encounter Hospital Level
Most Common Hospital Level
Research Level
Preferred Weapon ML-41 Minipistol (Teflon Rounds)
Primary Attack Projectiles
Damage (per Hit) 20
Attack Range 7
Hit Points 60
Perception Medium
Disruptability 30%
Armor Value 0
Defense Value 2
Loot 2 of the following:
SV Needle Darts
ML Standard Rounds
ML Teflon Rounds
Fragmentation Grenade

Cyborg Drone is a Cyborg enemy encountered in System Shock.


Drones resemble crew members with mechanical parts added to their bodies. These Cyborgs are met on the first level, usually as the third type of enemy. Their weapon seems to a be a small pistol. They aren't dangerous if the player spots them first. Overall, Drones are not very clever and will wander about until they spot the player.


Cyborg Drones are quite weak and susceptible to any type of damage, so almost any weapon will do well against them. With this said, the Minipistol's Teflon Rounds and Mag-Pulse shots are very effective.

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