Cybernetic Modules
Type Currency
First Found on MedSci Deck
Researchable No
Stackable Separately
Recycleable No
Transmutative No
Duplicative No
Summon Code fakecookie exp cookies (0)
1 exp small bp pile (1)
10 exp medium bp pile (10)
big bp pile (20)
God, was he jacked. I had never seen a specimen like him. How much of his original self remained? Hard to say. However, I must admit ... he put the 'sigh' back in cybernetic.
~ She Magazine, July 2111

Cybernetic Modules or Cyber Modules are an electronic currency in System Shock 2 used to upgrade main character's rig including Stats, Technical Skills, Weapon Skills and additional Psi Tiers and Psi Powers.

Soldier receives these Modules for completing objectives, however there are many more hidden on each Deck of the Von Braun and UNN Rickenbacker, as well as in the Body of the Many.


The Cybernetic Modules contain a mix of programmable RNA databases and brainwave EM which can be used to augment a cyber rig at any Cybernetic Upgrade Unit, a proprietary TriOptimum training device. Skills acquired via Upgrade Units are not guaranteed to last more than a few weeks, though skills acquired in this fashion and then used consistently, and especially under stressful conditions, are frequently found to be permanent.


The maximum amount of obtainable Cybernetic Modules in the game equals 885. Choosing the Naturally Able O/S Upgrade gives additional 8 Cyber Modules (bringing the total to 893), but is generally not recommended, as the bonus consists of less than 1% of the total number of Modules, and only 4 O/S Upgrades are allowed during the game.


The following list contains the locations of all Cybernetic Modules that are received and found in the game:

MedSci Deck

The MedSci Deck has a small number of Cyber Modules in the long run, but it's enough to get soldier going.

Objective Rewards

  • Escaping Cryo Recovery during the opening: 4 CMs
  • Stepping through the door to the main area of MedSci Science Sector: 4 CMs
  • Using the charged Power Cell to open the transition to MedSci Medical Sector: 4 CMs
  • Obtaining the Crew Quarters Access Card: 5 CMs
  • Obtaining the R&D Access Card: 5 CMs
  • Stepping through the door to R&D: 4 CMs
  • Opening the maintenance access door to Engineering: 6 CMs
Total: 32

Additional Cyber Modules

  • Corpse near the Upgrade Units in Cryo Recovery B: 4 CMs
  • Corpse near Recharging Station in the Pump Station: 2 CMs
  • Corpse inside an irradiated medical lab in MedSci Medical: 2 CMs
  • Corpse in the lower level of the Primate Research room: 2 CMs
  • Corpse in an alcove on the upper floor of the last room on the left in Crew Quarters: 4 CMs
Total: 14

MedSci Deck Cyber Module Total: 46

Engineering Deck

Engineering is the first chance soldier gets to begin diversifying his skills a little bit, though his immediate survival should still take priority since the enemies are a little tougher here and in higher numbers.

Objective Rewards

  • Obtaining the #45m/dEx hardware override in Aux. Storage 5: 10 CMs
  • Using the #45m/dEx hardware override in the Systems Monitoring Unit in Command Control: 10 CMs
  • Using the Fluidics Control Console: 10 CMs
  • Reactivating the Engine Core, after both nacelles are online: 10 CMs
Total: 40

Additional Cyber Modules

  • Corpse outside Aux. Storage 5 in Engineering A: 2 CMs
  • Corpse inside wrecked storage room in Engineering A: 2 CMs
  • Corpse near door to Engine Core area in Engineering A: 2 CMs
  • Corpse inside the small maintenance shaft in the Elevator room: 2 CMs
  • Locker inside Security Station near Engineering B transition: 2 CMs
  • Nestled among the crates on the upper level of Cargo Bay 1A West: 3 CMs
  • Corpse on upper level of Cargo Bay 1B West: 2 CMs
  • Corpse on upper level of Cargo Bay 1B East: 2 CMs
  • Corpse on upper level of Cargo Bay 2A West: 2 CMs
  • Corpse on second level of Cargo Bay 2B East: 2 CMs
  • Corpse on lower trench around Starboard Nacelle: 2 CMs
  • Corpse inside the long tunnel running under Engineering A: 2 CMs
Total: 25

Engineering Deck Cyber Module Total: 65

Hydroponics Deck

Hydroponics is where soldier can really begin to experiment a bit with his new abilities and skills that aren't integral to his survival such as more Technical and Weapon Skills. Soldier will be able to gain lots of Cyber Modules on this Deck both by completing objectives as well as searching the Deck.

Objective Rewards

  • Obtaining first vial of Toxin-A: 10 CMs
  • Using Toxin-A with first Environmental Regulator: 13 CMs
  • Using Toxin-A with second Environmental Regulator: 13 CMs
  • Using Toxin-A with third Environmental Regulator: 14 CMs
  • Using Toxin-A with final Environmental Regulator: 14 CMs
Total: 64

Additional Cyber Modules

  • On top of crates near Sector B Environmental Regulator area, with windows above: 3 CMs
  • Inside desk in office near Biological Survey area: 3 CMs
  • Near corpse inside Sector B Environmental Regulator room: 3 CMs
  • On the floor at the foot of some stairs in north area of Sector B: 3 CMs
  • Near middle support pillar of Sector C laboratory: 3 CMs
  • Inside garbage bin in Sector B Chemical Store Room: 3 CMs
  • Inside broken ceiling panel in Sector A entrance room: 3 CMs
  • In sector A,  hidden between the crates in a room next to the room with the recharger: 3 CMs
  • In sector A, within the the upper left cultivation cell (on the map) next to an egg pod: 3 CMs
  • On the floor between some crates in Sector D: 3 CMs
  • Inside hidden stash in Sector D ; smash through window near corpse with Powered Armor and climb the pipes: 3 CMs
  • Inside small floor dip near Sector D Environmental Regulator: 3 CMs
Total: 36

Hydroponics Deck Cyber Module Total: 100

Operations Deck

Similar to the previous Deck, the Operations marks the point where Cyber Modules flow freely and are now fairly common. Soldier can now spend them on just about whatever he wishes, after maxing out his core attributes and skills.

Objective Rewards

  • Obtained Quantum Simulation Chip: 10 CMs
  • Obtained Linear Simulation Chip: 10 CMs
  • Obtained Interpolated Simulation Chip: 10 CMs
  • Using First Simulation Unit: 15 CMs
  • Using Second Simulation Unit: 15 CMs
  • Using Final Simulation Unit: 25 CMs
Total: 85

Additional Cyber Modules

  • Sector B office with steam vent trap in Systems Administration Upper: 2 CMs
  • Sector B Crew Quarters Lower Level, inside a locker: 3 CMs
  • Sector B Crew Quarters East Lower Level, inside a locker: 3 CMs
  • Sector B Crew Quarters East Lower Level, inside a locker: 3 CMs
  • On a corpse in Sector B Lounge: 3 CMs
  • Corpse hanging from ceiling in Sector C: 3 CMs
  • Small room in the rear of Sector C kitchen: 3 CMs
  • Storage crate in Sector C storage room: 3 CMs
  • Inside Sector C Lounge, on top of chair armrest: 2 CMs
  • Sector C, near Sector A bulkhead, corpse on floor: 2 CMs
  • Sector D Fluid Ops catwalks, corpse near Swarm Pod: 3 CMs
  • Sector D Upgrade Units, corpse on floor: 3 CMs
  • Sector D Barracks, at back of room: 3 CMs
  • Inside broken floor panel in Sector D wrecked hallway: 2 CMs
  • Office in Sector D Command Center Lower Level, corpse: 2 CMs
Total: 40

Operations Deck Cyber Module Total: 125

Recreation Deck

By this point, soldier can already begin to max out his secondary skills as well as any other skills he chose to specialize in. Psi users will find themselves with plenty Cyber Modules to spend on their Powers, and others will be able to pump up Repair, Maintenance, Research, and other utility skills without issue.

Objective Rewards

  • Obtained Rec Crew Access Card: 20 CMs
  • Obtained Athletics Access Card: 10 CMs
  • Gained access to Athletics: 10 CMs
  • Activated Transmitter Tower in Athletics: 20 CMs
Total: 60

Additional Cyber Modules

  • Sector A, inside vent accessed from Crew Quarters room: 3 CMs
  • Locked apartment in Sector A Crew Quarters, code 11111: 10 CMs
  • Desk inside Sector B Maintenance Access: 5 CMs
  • Hatch in Sector B hall, opened using switch in Maintenance Access: 3 CMs
  • Corpse in Sector B food storage room: 3 CMs
  • Corpse in Sector B Garden Tunnels, behind locked door, code 34093: 4 CMs
  • Corpse in Sector B dining room: 8 CMs
  • Corpse in Sector B dining hall, where Military Bot attacks: 6 CMs
  • Inside Sector B Bonne Chance Lounge, corpse on upper floor: 2 CMs
  • Sector B Security Station: 5 CMs
  • Sector C Theatre, on a corpse: 5 CMs
  • Sector C Casino, corpse in back of room: 4 CMs
  • Sector C Prison, corpse in open cell: 6 CMs
  • Sector C Sensual Stimulation Units, Nikki's room: 10 CMs
  • Infested store in Sector C Mall, on floor: 4 CMs
  • Sector C washrooms, corpse in men's room: 4 CMs
Total: 82

Recreation Deck Cyber Module Total: 142

Command Deck

By the time of reaching the Command Deck, soldier would be maximizing most of his skills and beginning to find himself with more Cyber Modules than what he might know what to do with, maxing out on all valued Skills and specialties.

Objective Rewards

  • Gained access to main elevator: 20 CMs
  • Gained access to Von Braun Bridge: 20 CMs
  • Obtained Operations Override Card: 20 CMs
  • Activating damaged Shuttle Control Console: 20 CMs
  • Cargo Bay A (near the Shuttle Bay 2) contains Marie Delacroix's body with 10 Cyber Modules on it, but if you go in there and search her, SHODAN will deduct 10 Modules when you leave the Bay, so you won't gain any if you've taken Marie's. However, you can circumvent this using several methods:
    • Spend all of your Cyber Modules, so that you have exactly 0 before you enter Cargo Bay A. Once inside, dispose of the enemies and search Delacroix's body, but do not take the Modules. Exit the Bay. You'll receive SHODAN's E-Mail, but the AI will be unable to subtract any Modules as their count cannot fall below 0. Now you can safely return and grab the 10 Cyber Modules without repercussions.
    • Alternatively, if you have invested in the Instantaneous Quantum Relocation Power, you can first place a teleport marker outside of the Bay, go in and loot it, and then simply teleport with SHODAN none the wiser.
    • There's also another, yet very difficult trick. Place an armor at the Bay's exit where SHODAN's trigger is placed (precision is very important), go in and loot it. Make a savegame before leaving. You need to use a Speed Booster and jump/slide above a carefully place armor to avoid the trigger.
      This trick also works on Engineering Deck to avoid the Many's cutscene (useful for speedruns).
  • When you are about to leave the Von Braun: 30 CMs
Total: 120

Additional Cyber Modules

  • Sector A, garbage bin near Upgrade Units: 7 CMs
  • Sector A Tram Station 1, inside garbage bin: 3 CMs
  • Sector A Tram Station 2, corpse on upper level: 4 CMs
  • Sector A, behind crate in hallway leading to Command B: 6 CMs
  • Sector B Lobby, on top of the desk: 5 CMs
  • Sector B Escape Pod area, hidden on floor behind a bench: 7 CMs
  • Sector B, on a ledge across from Bio-Reconstruction Device: 6 CMs
  • Corpse in Sector B bathrooms, women's side: 8 CMs
  • Sector B Officers' Quarters, locker in a bedroom: 6 CMs
  • Sector B Bridge, near the Missile Turret: 8 CMs
Total: 60

Command Deck Cyber Module Total: 180

UNN Rickenbacker

Deck A / Pod 1

By this point, soldier should have nearly mastered almost all Skills and specialties, including many Psi Powers, since they may be quite useful now.

Objective Rewards

  • On the Rickenbacker, raising the huge crate by pressing the button on a panel accessed by going up the ladders near the starting point: 15 CMs
  • Destroyed 1 Black Egg: 2 CMs
  • Destroyed 6 Black Eggs: 6 CMs
  • Destroyed 11 Black Eggs: 8 CMs
  • Destroyed 15 Black Eggs: 8 CMs
  • Destroyed all 16 Black Eggs: 16 CMs
  • Used Gravitronic Generator Control Console: 20 CMs
  • Climbed up ladder after solving Missile Bay puzzle: 20 CMs
Total: 95

Additional Cyber Modules

  • Underneath floor panels in hallway past Missile Bay: 5 CMs
  • Hidden room accessed by jumping to pipe from ladder near end of Pod 1: 5 CMs
Total: 10

Deck A Cyber Module Total: 105

Deck B / Pod 2

Objective Rewards

  • Crossing pipe bridge towards elevator to Rickenbacker Bridge: 15 CMs
Total: 15

Additional Cyber Modules

  • Inside Inverted Chapel, near corpse: 4 CMs
  • Inside green shaft with lots of pipes, hidden at the bottom: 6 CMs
Total: 10

Deck B Cyber Module Total: 25


The Rickenbacker Bridge is one of soldier's last opportunities to spend the Cyber Modules before facing the inevitable.

Objective Rewards

  • Obtained Annelid Launcher in Diego's Quarters: 20 CMs

Bridge Cyber Module Total: 20

UNN Rickenbacker Cyber Module Total: 150

Body of the Many

Soldier does not receive any Modules for the main objective (as it's now only to face the enemies and destroy them), but finds a good deal of them inside the Many and can spend them on last minute upgrades in the organism or just after escaping it, before the final fight.

Additional Cyber Modules

  • Inside partially-consumed Rickenbacker part, on corpse: 10 CMs
  • On body bag floating underwater near first Nerve Cluster: 10 CMs
  • On a corpse near second Nerve Cluster: 10 CMs
  • Corpse inside tunnels leading towards the Sphincter organ: 6 CMs
  • Corpse inside "Mouth" room, with huge teeth: 5 CMs
  • Hidden passage on bottom floor of jumping puzzle room: 10 CMs
  • Rickenbacker wreckage down left path of hub room, in a trash bin: 6 CMs
  • "Womb" area off of hub room, on a corpse near some Swarm Pods: 10 CMs
  • Deeper in the "Womb" area, on a corpse beyond some watery tunnels: 10 CMs

Body of the Many Cyber Module Total: 77


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