• Shoot Mode
  • Use Mode
A Cyber Interface, also known as a Cybernetic Rig, is an upgraded/newer version of the Neural Interface. It has two modes, Shoot Mode and Use Mode.


Always Displayed

  • Tooltip Status Bar
  • MiniMap (if enabled in Map MFD or by default key Alt+M)
  • Compass (if enabled by default key Alt+C)
  • Current Health Point and Psi Point Meters
  • Current Weapon's Condition, Ammo Type and Amount or Currently Selected Psi Power

Shoot Mode

  • Crosshair

Use Mode

  • Cursor
  • Inventory, with dedicated Equip section for Weapon, Armor and Implant(s)
  • Research MFD
  • Query Cursor Mode
  • Map MFD (default key: M)
  • Current number of Nanites
  • Current number of Cyber Modules
  • Personal Data Assistant
  • Keycard-Access Recorder
  • Character MFD showing player's Statistics
  • Current Weapon's Setting, Reload and Ammo Type change buttons or Psi Tier and Psi Power select buttons

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