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Cyber Interface, also known as a Cybernetic Rig is an upgraded/newer version of the Neural Interface. It has been outlawed after the Citadel Station incident during the events of System Shock 2. It has two modes, Shoot Mode and Use Mode.


Always Displayed

  • Tooltip Status Bar
  • MiniMap (if enabled by default key combination: Alt+M or in Map MFD)
  • Compass (if enabled by default key combination: Alt+C)
  • Current Health Point (Hit Point) and Psi Point Meters and Counters
    • Current Weapon's Ammo (Amount and Type) and Condition or Currently Selected Psi Power

Shoot Mode

  • Crosshair

Use Mode

  • Cursor
  • Inventory, with dedicated Equip section for Weapon, Armor and Implant(s)
  • Research MFD
  • Query Cursor Mode
  • Map MFD (default key: M)
  • Current number of Nanites
  • Current number of Cybernetic Modules
  • Shoot Mode return button
  • Personal Data Assistant
  • Keycard-Access Recorder
  • Character MFD, showing the player's Statistics (Stats) by default
  • Current Weapon's Setting, Reload and Ammo Type buttons or Psi Tier and Psi Power change buttons


  • All elements of the Cyber Interface can be toggled using the command line.

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