The Cyber-Assimilation O/S Upgrade allows the player to extract a Diagnostic/Repair Module from a destroyed robot. When used, the module heals the player by 15 hit points.


This would probably only be useful to non-Psi character builds on higher difficulties. On lower difficulties, there are more drops of Medical Hypos and Annelid Healing Glands, and replicator costs of healing items are much lower. Thus, there's not often a shortage of healing. Psi characters on higher difficulties generally can make use of Molecular Transmutation to convert less useful common items (mostly ammo and some hypos) into nanites to fund the purchase of more healing items. Even then, most levels in the game have Surgical Units and Quantum Bio-Reconstruction Machines fairly readily available.

On Hard and Impossible, though, the real advantage of this upgrade is that it is a guaranteed drop on mechanical enemies. The drop rates are otherwise so low at those difficulties that sourcing items at all — whether directly for healing or for conversion to Nanites — can become very problematic.

Note that Cyber-Assimilation is useless as the last O/S upgrade given no more robots are encountered past that point and you won't have stockpiled any Modules from the robots you already destroyed because you didn't have the upgrade in the first place. It is most useful as the first or second upgrade.


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