Cortex Reaver


CortexReaver Icon

Enemy Stats
First Encounter Flight Deck
Most Common Flight Deck
Preferred Weapon Assault Rifle (Penetrator Rounds)
Primary Attack Projectiles
Secondary Attack Concussion Bombs
Damage (per Hit) 80 (Primary)
325 (Secondary)
Attack Range 4 (Primary)
6 (Secondary)
Hit Points 580
Perception Medium
Disruptability 10%
Armor Value 40
Defense Value 2

The Cortex Reaver is a cyborg enemy encountered in System Shock, both within Citadel Station and Cyberspace.


Unlike most Cyberspace watchdogs, the Cortex Reaver is not a security program. Instead, it is a Net-active cyborg whose awareness is constantly split between the physical realm and cyberspace. Reaver intelligence is driven by the brain of an involuntary human puppet, using their dead bodies. Cortex Reavers are capable of quickly frying a user’s link integrity, and of withstanding numerous attacks before crashing. In Cyberspace, they appear as red, fragmented faces.

The Hacker first encounters one on the Flight Deck, after attempting to rescue a small squad of survivors.


Unsurprisingly, it can be killed fairly easily with the Laser Rapier.



  • If the Hacker is killed and does not have access to a regeneration device, their fate is revealed in the "Game Over" cutscene, where their torso is inserted into a Cortex Reaver to serve SHODAN. (This also applies if the time limit runs out on the max plot difficulty).