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A list of controls used in System Shock 2.

List of Keyboard Controls

Query CONTROL key
Split ALT key
Reload R
Cycle ammo B
Toggle weapon setting O
Map M
Inventory MFD toggle I / TAB key
Menu ESC key
Stop email or log BACKSPACE key
Navigation marker N
Message history L
Compass toggle ALT + C
Quicksave ALT + S
Quickload ALT + L
Clear teleport marker ALT + T
Cycle weapon forward/backward Y / SHIFT + Y
Equip Psi Amp ‘`’ key
Equip wrench 1
Equip pistol 2
Equip shotgun 3
Equip assault rifle 4
Equip laser pistol 5
Equip EMP rifle 6
Equip electro shock 7
Equip grenade launcher 8
Equip stasis field generator 9
Equip fusion cannon 0
Equip crystal shard '-' key
Equip viral proliferator ‘=’ key
Equip worm launcher ‘\’ key
Use rad hypo P
Use medical hypo H
Move slowly SHIFT key
Run forward W, keypad 8 or Arrow Key UP
Back up X, keypad 2,or Arrow Key DOWN
Slide left Z, keypad 1
Slide right C, keypad 3
Turn left A, keypad 4, Arrow Key LEFT
Turn right D, keypad 6, Arrow Key RIGHT
Look up T, PAGE UP
Look down G, PAGE DOWN
Centre View V
Lean left Q, keypad 7
Lean right E, keypad 9
Crouch S
Lean forward ALT + SHIFT + W

Visual map of System Shock 2 controls. (Click for a clearer view.)