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A list of controls used in System Shock and System Shock: Enhanced Edition.

Classic Version


Run forward Shift + Arrow Key UP
Walk forward S, Arrow Key UP
Walk backward X, Arrow Key DOWN
Turn left A, Arrow Key LEFT
Turn right D, Arrow Key RIGHT
Sidestep left Z, ALT + Arrow Key LEFT
Sidestep right C, ALT + Arrow Key RIGHT
Lean left Q, CTRL + Arrow Key LEFT
Lean right E, CTRL + Arrow Key RIGHT
Negate lean W
Jump Spacebar
Climb Spacebar + S
Stand T
Crouch G
Prone B
Look up R, CTRL + Arrow Key UP
Look down V, CTRL + Arrow Key DOWN
Center view F
Change Inventory page PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN
Cycle through weapons in Inventory TAB key and SHIFT + TAB
Display full-screen map CTRL + A
Save game CTRL + S
Load game CTRL + L
Exit game ALT + X
Display interface description ALT + O
Activate on-line help ALT + H
Display on-line reference card SHIFT + `?'
Pause game Pause key
Open Option screen/Pause game ESC key


Climb or pitch upward W, Arrow Key UP or SPACE + UP
Dive or pitch downward X, Arrow Key DOWN
Thrust or move forward S, Spacebar
Bank left A, Arrow Key LEFT
Bank right D, Arrow Key RIGHT
Roll left Q, Z
Roll right E, C
Fire software weapon ENTER, Right-click
Jack into cyberspace Double-left-click (or ALT-left-click) on terminal.
Use software programs in Inventory
Identify Left-click
Open Inventory/MFDs
Select Pulsar or Drill software in Inventory
Move Left-click and hold or hold down Spacebar.
Pick up software and scan data Collide with item
Fire combat software Right-click

Multi-Functional Display (MFD)

Weapon MFD F1, F6
Item MFD F2, F7
Automap MFD F3, F8
Target MFD F4, F9
Data MFD F5, F10

Side Icon Shortcuts

Bioscan (monitors biological state) 1
Full-Screen View (removes interface) 2
Sense-around (360-degree view) 3
Lantern (brightens dark areas) 4
Energy Shield (provides body shield) 5
Night Sight (infrared view attachment) 6
Navigation Module (electronic compass) 7
Multimedia Reader (e-mail/log reader) 8
Motion Boost (skates) 9
Jump Jet (flight boots) 0

Enhanced Version

To be Added...