A list of controls used in System Shock 2.

List of Keyboard Controls

QueryCONTROL key
SplitALT key
Cycle ammoB
Toggle weapon settingO
Inventory MFD toggleI / TAB key
MenuESC key
Stop email or logBACKSPACE key
Navigation markerN
Message historyL
Compass toggleALT + C
QuicksaveALT + S
QuickloadALT + L
Clear teleport markerALT + T
Cycle weapon forward/backwardY / SHIFT + Y
Equip Psi Amp‘`’ key
Equip wrench1
Equip pistol2
Equip shotgun3
Equip assault rifle4
Equip laser pistol5
Equip EMP rifle6
Equip electro shock7
Equip grenade launcher8
Equip stasis field generator9
Equip fusion cannon0
Equip crystal shard'-' key
Equip viral proliferator‘=’ key
Equip worm launcher‘\’ key
Use rad hypoP
Use medical hypoH
Move slowlySHIFT key
Run forwardW, keypad 8 or Arrow Key UP
Back upX, keypad 2,or Arrow Key DOWN
Slide leftZ, keypad 1
Slide rightC, keypad 3
Turn leftA, keypad 4, Arrow Key LEFT
Turn rightD, keypad 6, Arrow Key RIGHT
Look upT, PAGE UP
Look downG, PAGE DOWN
Centre ViewV
Lean leftQ, keypad 7
Lean rightE, keypad 9
Lean forwardALT + SHIFT + W

Visual map of System Shock 2 controls. (Click for a clearer view.)

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