A list of controls used in System Shock and System Shock: Enhanced Edition.

Classic Version


Run forwardShift + Arrow Key UP
Walk forwardS, Arrow Key UP
Walk backwardX, Arrow Key DOWN
Turn leftA, Arrow Key LEFT
Turn rightD, Arrow Key RIGHT
Sidestep leftZ, ALT + Arrow Key LEFT
Sidestep rightC, ALT + Arrow Key RIGHT
Lean leftQ, CTRL + Arrow Key LEFT
Lean rightE, CTRL + Arrow Key RIGHT
Negate leanW
ClimbSpacebar + S
Look upR, CTRL + Arrow Key UP
Look downV, CTRL + Arrow Key DOWN
Center viewF
Change Inventory pagePAGE UP and PAGE DOWN
Cycle through weapons in InventoryTAB key and SHIFT + TAB
Display full-screen mapCTRL + A
Save gameCTRL + S
Load gameCTRL + L
Exit gameALT + X
Display interface descriptionALT + O
Activate on-line helpALT + H
Display on-line reference cardSHIFT + `?'
Pause gamePause key
Open Option screen/Pause gameESC key


Climb or pitch upwardW, Arrow Key UP or SPACE + UP
Dive or pitch downwardX, Arrow Key DOWN
Thrust or move forwardS, Spacebar
Bank leftA, Arrow Key LEFT
Bank rightD, Arrow Key RIGHT
Roll leftQ, Z
Roll rightE, C
Fire software weaponENTER, Right-click
Jack into cyberspaceDouble-left-click (or ALT-left-click) on terminal.
Use software programs in Inventory
Open Inventory/MFDs
Select Pulsar or Drill software in Inventory
MoveLeft-click and hold or hold down Spacebar.
Pick up software and scan dataCollide with item
Fire combat softwareRight-click

Multi-Functional Display (MFD)

Weapon MFDF1, F6
Item MFDF2, F7
Automap MFDF3, F8
Target MFDF4, F9
Data MFDF5, F10

Side Icon Shortcuts

Bioscan (monitors biological state)1
Full-Screen View (removes interface)2
Sense-around (360-degree view)3
Lantern (brightens dark areas)4
Energy Shield (provides body shield)5
Night Sight (infrared view attachment)6
Navigation Module (electronic compass)7
Multimedia Reader (e-mail/log reader)8
Motion Boost (skates)9
Jump Jet (flight boots)0

Enhanced Version

To be Added...


Visual map of System Shock controls. (Click for a clearer view).

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