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Concussion Bomb
Weapon Data
First Found Level 1 - Hospital
Destructible Yes
Hit Points 15
Operation Contact Explosion
Attack Type Projectile
Damage 325
Armor Penetration 35
Offense Value 6
Blast Radius 6

A Concussion Bomb is an explosive weapon found in System Shock.


This grenade’s explosive shock wave can knock out both mechanical and organic targets within a large radius.

Bearing a passing resemblance to a German "potato masher" grenade, the Concussion Bomb is essentially a Fragmentation Grenade on steroids with over a dozen times the armor penetration value and nearly twice the raw damage. While far more powerful they are also far rarer; save them for groups of Cyborgs or robotic enemies whose armor would laugh at a regular grenade.

Another effective use of Concussion Bombs is to drop one on the ground right beside an armed Land Mine. When the mine goes off so will the bomb and the resulting explosion will be that much more lethal.

For all their undoubted usefulness, it should go without saying that these weapons will just as readily vaporize you as the enemy if you don't throw them far enough or have poor aim. Their explosive ferocity is only slightly less than that of an Earth-Shaker, and getting caught in the blast of your own Concussion Bomb will likely merit a trip to the nearest Restoration Bay.

Note that like grenades, Concussion Bombs cannot be disarmed once armed by double-clicking in the MFD.