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Commands can be entered using the command line while in-game. To bring up the command line, press the ":" key ("Shift+;") in MFD's Shoot Mode, then enter one of these commands below. When done, press Enter.

The commands are case-insensitive, meaning that the uppercase/lowercase letters are not distinguished.

WARNING: If you open the command line when in MFD's Use Mode, older versions of the game can lock up.

Standard Commands

Standard Commands used by the game. Most are bindable using the Options > (Controls) > Customize Controls... menu. Current control configuration can be found in user.bnd file in the game's folder.

Command Effect
psi_power # Switches Psi Tier. # = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
cycle_weapon # Cycles equippable weapons. #: -1 = back, 1 = forward.
show_version Displays version number.
fire_weapon # Fires Weapon. #: 0 = off, 1 = on.
reload_gun Reloads corresponding Weapon.
quicksave QuickSaves to current folder.
quickload QuickLoads from current folder.
stop_email Stops playing an Audio Log or Mail.
frob_toggle Switches between Cyber Interface modes.
swap_guns Switches between the primary and secondary Weapon.
wpn_setting_toggle Toggles Weapon settings.
quickuse Activates quick slot.
quickbind Binds quick slot.
select_psipower Brings up Psi Power selection MFD.
shock_jump_player Causes the player to jump.
clear_teleport Clears existing teleport marker.
cycle_ammo Cycles through available ammo.
play_unread_log Plays unread Audio Logs.
look_cursor Sets cursor to Query Mode.
frob_object Simple frob of the selected object.
frob_object_inv Simple frob of the selected object in inventory.
toggle_compass Toggles compass state.
toggle_inv Toggles inventory panel.
msg_history Toggles message history.
toggle_mouse Toggles mouse look and cursor modes.
query # Toggles Query Cursor. #: 0 = off, 1 = on.
split # Toggles Split Cursor. #: 0 = off, 1 = on.
interface_use Uses an item in the inventory.
equip_weapon $$ Equips a weapon from the inventory.
$$ = Object Code (see last table).
use_obj $$ Uses object.
$$ = Object Code (see last table).

Cheat Commands

Cheat Commands, greatly influencing the gameplay.

BEWARE: Use of summon_obj can cause problems with game triggers, leading to potential game over situations.

Command Effect
add_pool # Adds # of Cybernetic Modules.
psi_full Maxes out Psi Points.
ubermensch Gives maximum Stats, Tech and Weapons Skills.
Does not grant any Psi Tiers nor Powers.
open_mfd 35 Opens Stats Upgrades.
open_mfd 36 Opens Tech Upgrades.
open_mfd 37 Opens Weapons Upgrades.
open_mfd 38 Opens Psi Upgrades.
open_mfd 20 Opens O/S Upgrades. Usable up to four times.
summon_obj $$ Spawns an Object at your feet.
$$ = Object Code (see last table).

Object Codes

This is a list of Object Codes/names that work with summon_obj (also use_obj and equip_weapon) commands.

Item Code Notes
Nanites nanites
1 nanite
5 nanites
10 nanites
small nanite pile
20 nanites
medium nanite pile
big nanite pile

Cybernetic Modules
Cybernetic Modules exp cookies
1 exp
small bp pile
encrypted exp cookie
10 exp
medium bp pile
big bp pile
x1, cannot be picked up.

All ranged Weapons are unmodified and in perfect condition.
Psi Amp psi amp
Psi Sword psisword Invisible in-game, has a generic broken icon, doesn't disappear nor has any requirements.
Wrench wrench
Pistol pistol Loaded with 12 Standard Bullets.
Shotgun shotgun Loaded with 6 Standard Slugs.
Assault Rifle assault rifle Loaded with 12 Standard Bullets.
Laser Pistol laser pistol Charged with 50 units of Energy.
Laser Rapier electro shock
EMP Rifle emp rifle Charged with 50 units of Energy.
Grenade Launcher gren launcher Loaded with 1 Fragmentation Grenade.
Stasis Field Generator stasis field generator Unloaded.
Fusion Cannon fusion cannon Loaded with 50 (not 40!) Prisms.
Crystal Shard crystal shard Unresearched.
Viral Proliferator viral prolif Unloaded, unresearched.
Annelid Launcher worm launcher Unloaded, unresearched.
Standard Bullets small standard clip
standard clip

Anti-Personnel Bullets small he clip
he clip
Armor-Piercing Bullets small ap clip
ap clip
Rifled Slugs rifled slug box x6.
Anti-Personnel Shotgun Shells pellet shot box x6.
Grenades timed grenade
prox. grenade
incend. grenade
emp grenade
toxin grenade
Fragmentation x3.
Proximity x3.
Incendiary x3.
EMP x3.
Disruption x3.
Prisms small prism
large prism
Worm Clusters small worm beaker
large worm beaker

Light Combat Armor light armor
Medium Combat Armor medium armor
Heavy Combat Armor heavy armor
Powered Armor reflec armor Charged with 100 units of Energy.
Hazard Suit vacc suit
WormSkin Armor worm skin Unresearched.
Medical Hypo med patch
Psi Hypo psi booster
Speed Booster speed boost
Strength Booster strength boost
Anti-Radiation Hypo rad patch
Anti-Toxin Hypo detox patch
Psi Booster int boost Unresearched.
Psi Patch psi patch Unused in-game, unfinished item.
Surgical Unit Activation Key med bed key
Medical Kit medical kit
Diagnostic/Repair Module cheeseborger
Annelid Healing Gland annelid_medpatch Unresearched.
Annelid Psi Organ annelid_psipatch Unresearched.
Disposable Maintenance Tool maintenance tool
Portable Battery portable battery
French-Epstein Device french-epstein device
ICE Pick ice pick
Auto-Repair Unit molec. analyzer
Small Beaker small beaker
Large Beaker large beaker
Recycler recycler
Software research soft v#
hack soft v#
repair soft v#
modify soft v#
Version # = 1, 2, 3.
All Implants are charged with 100 units of Energy.
BrawnBoost™ brawnboost
SwiftBoost™ swiftboost
PsiBoost™ smartboost
LabAssistant™ labassistant
EndurBoost™ endurboost
WormMind wormmind Unresearched.
ExperTech™ expertech
WormBlood wormblood Unresearched.
WormHeart wormheart Unresearched.
RunFast™ runfast Unused in-game.
WormBlend wormblend Unused in-game, unresearched.
All Organs are unresearched.
Hybrid Organ og organ
Monkey Brain monkey_brain
Midwife Organ midwife organ
Grub Pod Organ grub organ
Arachnid Organ arach. organ
Swarm Pod Organ swarm organ
Rumbler Organ rumbler organ
Psi Reaver Organ mn. over. organ
Greater Psi Reaver Organ gr. over. organ
Antimony [Sb] chem #4
Arsenic [As] chem #11
Barium [Ba] chem #18
Californium [Cf] chem #7
Cesium [Cs] chem #12
Copper [Cu] chem #6
Fermium [Fm] chem #1
Gallium [Ga] chem #3
Hassium [Hs] chem #13
Iridium [Ir] chem #10
Molybdenum [Mo] chem #15
Osmium [Os] chem #9
Radium [Ra] chem #17
Selenium [Se] chem #19
Sodium [Na] chem #8
Technetium [Tc] chem #16
Tellurium [Te] chem #14
Vanadium [V] chem #2
Yttrium [Y] chem #5
Key Items
Power Cell dead power cell
power cell
Circuit Board circuitboard
radkey card
Part 45m/dEx.
Generic part.
Vial of Toxin-A anti-annelid toxin Unresearched.
Simulation Chips chip # # = a, b, c (for Quantum, Linear and Interpolated Chips, respectively).
Sympathetic Resonator big bomb
Access Cards
ATHLETIC SECTOR <none> Athletic Sector access. There's no working Object Code in the game due to an error in an internal Object category tree. It should be most likely "crew 2 card" (the unique object name is Crew_Card2), but it doesn't work. The Card itself can be found on the Recreation Deck in Upper Crew Quarters, in the middle room on the northern wall, on the body of a female crew member.
BRIDGE bridge card Bridge access.
CARGO BAY 2A/2B cargo bay 2a/2b Cargo Bay 2A/2B access.
CRYOGENICS SECTOR cryo card Cryogenics Sector access.
DECK 2 CREW crew card Deck 2 Crew's Quarters access.
DECK 5 CREW rec crew key Deck 5 Crew's Quarters access. Has a different look than other summoned cards.
DIEGO'S QUARTERS rick room key Diego's Quarters access.
HYDROPONICS A/B/D hydro card # Hydroponics Sector access. # = a, b, d.
OPS OVERRIDE ops override key Ops Override access.
R & D SECTOR r and d card Research and Development Sector access.
RICKENBACKER <none> Rickenbacker access. There's no working Object Code in the game due to an error in an internal Object category tree. It should be "rickenbacker card", but it doesn't work. The Card itself can be found on the first level of UNN Rickenbacker, in a small room beyond the retractable bridge above the hull breach, on the body of a male UNN soldier.
SCIENCE SECTOR science card Science Sector access.
SECURITY security card Security access.
SHUTTLE BAY shuttle access key Shuttle Bay access.
Stim Unit Access Cards #_card # = Stimulation Unit name (nikki, candy, lance, sven).
Unused Access Cards
Deck 5 Crew's Quarters crew 2 card Should likely be Athletic Sector access, but is bugged.
Cargo Bay 1A/1B cargo bay 1a/1b Cargo Bay 1A/1B is always open (as its lock is broken).
Engineering Override eng override key Part of the original game concept.
Medical med card
Medical Annex med annex key
GamePig™ + Game Cartridges
GamePig™ gameboy
Golf golf cart
OverWorld Zero overworld cart
Street Hog hogger cart
Swine Hunter swinehunter cart
swine hunter cart

No in-game item name.
Swinekeeper swinekeeper
Tic-Tac-Triop ttt cart
Burro Hog burro hog cart Unused in-game.
Hog Wallow abyss cart Unused in-game.
Hurling Bacon kabacon cart Unused in-game.
Pig Stacker pig stacker cart Unused in-game.
Super Pig Turbo CE Alpha ping cart Unused in-game, Cartridge is described as Pig 2.0.
Alien this month in ping pong
Beua dj news
Bisturi kangaroo quarterly
Droid rolling monthly
Jack Leather cigar lover
Natura vita men's monthly
Food & Drink
Potato Chips chips
Soda soda can
Juice juice bottle
Champagne champagne bottle
Liquor liquor bottle
Vodka vodka bottle
Recyclable Junk
Mug mug
Plant plant #2
Cigarettes cigarettes
Pool Cue pool cue
Ring Buoy ring buoy
Basketball basketball Only the one picked up on Earth can trigger the easter egg Audio Log.
Book-o-Tron book_1 Unused in-game, has a generic broken icon.
Heart Pillow heart pillow Unused in-game.
Pipe Hybrid og-pipe
Shotgun Hybrid og-shotgun
Grenade Hybrid og-grenade
Blue Monkey blue monkey
Red Monkey red monkey
Grub grub
Swarm swarm
Infant Arachnid baby arachnid
Adult Arachnid arachnightmare
Invisible Arachnid invisibile arachnid
Psi Reaver overlord They spawn indefinitely each 30 seconds after being killed.
Greater Psi Reaver greater over. They spawn indefinitely each 30 seconds after being killed.
Psi Reaver's Brain Structure overlord brain Does not cause any Psi Reavers to spawn, neither makes the nearby ones stop spawning after destroyed.
Rumbler rumbler
Security Camera security camera Unable to set off alarm, regardless of status.
Slug Turret slug turret
Laser Turret laser turret
Blast Turret blast turret
Rickenbacker Turret rick turret
Protocol Droid protocol droid
training droid

A harmless version, its explosion deals no damage.
Maintenance Robot maintenance
Security Robot security
Assault Robot assault
Cyborg Midwife midwife
Cyborg Assassin assassin
Red Assassin red assassin Doesn't carry Simulation Chips.
SHODAN's Avatar shodan
SHODAN's Core shodan head Killing it will not end the game.
Annelid Eggs
floor pod
wall pod
grub floor pod
grub wall pod
swarmer floor pod
swarmer wall pod
All eggs won't burst on their own and may contain Healing/Psi Organs.

Floor Toxic Egg.
Wall-mounted Toxic Egg.
Floor Grub Egg.
Wall-mounted Grub Egg.
Floor Swarm Egg.
Wall-mounted Swarm Egg.

Black Egg golden egg Destroying it will not affect Black Egg counter aboard the Rickenbacker.
Worm Pile wormgoo
Talon Droid talon droid Unused in-game. Follows the player like a Flencer ; ), but does not attack. [Yes. It does, in 2.48]
Crew Member $@ $ (Sex) = female, male.
@ (At Deck) = eng (Engineering), medsci (MedSci),
hydro (Hydroponics), ops (Operations), rec (Recreation),
flight (Command), rick (Rickenbacker).
For example: femalemedsci. All can be hurt, killed and searched.
Horrified Crew crew$ $ (Sex) = woman, man. For example: crewwoman.
Hydroponics uniform, horrified face, can be hurt, killed and searched.
Upgrade Units, Surgical Units and Security Devices
Cybernetic Upgrade Units stats trainer
tech trainer
weapon trainer
psi trainer
O/S Upgrade Unit trait machine You're limited to four upgrades, no matter how many of these you spawn.
Surgical Units med bed
partial med bed
Fully functional.
Incomplete, needs a Surgical Unit Activation Key to work.
Badly damaged and inoperational.
Security Computer security comp Critical failing during Hacking results in no security alarm.
Computer Terminal usable comp Critical failing during Hacking results in no security alarm.
Keypad keypad Hackable, isn't assigned to any device, uses code: 00000.
Security Crate hackable crate Hackable, contains nothing.
High-Security Crate supercrate Hackable, contains nothing.
Interactive Objects and Devices
Barrels cryo barrel
explode barrel
rad barrel
Cryogenic, explodes after 5 seconds.
Body Bag body bag
Recharge Station recharging station
Replicator repbase Offers no assortment (one empty item with 000 Nanites price), hackable.
Scenery and Terrain Objects
Bench bench
Computer Console computer console
Faucet faucet
Gurney gurney
Machinery wide machinery
Microscope microscope
Projectiles and Markers
Fusion Projectile fusion shot Very slow moving, but just as lethal as the real thing.
Navigation Marker nav marker Can be described and deleted (key: "Del") from the map view.
Teleport Marker teleport marker Non-functional, can't be removed in any way.
Turret Rocket turret rocket Very slow moving, but just as lethal as the real thing.