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Von Braun
Deck 6 - Command
Area Information
Upgrade Units 4
Replicators 4 (+1 destroyed)
Security Crates 6 (2 High-Security)
Recharge Stations 1
Surgical Units 2 (1 active, 1 inactive)
Resurrection Stations 1 / 2 maps
Keypads 1
Security Computers 8
Security Cameras 8
Turrets 10 (4 Laser, 6 Blast)
New Enemies Blast Turrets
Psi Reaver
Connected Levels Recreation
UNN Rickenbacker (later)
Command is the sixth Deck of the Von Braun explored in System Shock 2. The soldier can access the UNN Rickenbacker from here.


SOLDIER G65434-2 arrives on this Deck in the primary elevator from the Recreation Deck. SHODAN tells him to head to the Bridge of the Von Braun to acquire the Ops Override Access Card. That item is needed to transfer SHODAN's intelligence to the UNN Rickenbacker from the Von Braun and to destroy the latter. Using the tram, the soldier makes his way to the second part of the Deck and eventually reaches the ship's Bridge, where he picks up the Access Card. Along the way he witnesses the remaining survivors fleeing in the ship's escape pods. Next, he follows SHODAN's instructions by backtracking to the Operations and Engineering Decks. When he returns to the Command Deck, The Many anticipate the plan to destroy the starship, loading two shuttles with their offspring. SHODAN instructs the soldier to destroy the shuttles to prevent the escape. Once done with that task, the soldier makes his way to the Umbilical to the UNN Rickenbacker. However, just before reaching the Grav Shafts, he is stopped by a Psi Barrier created by Anatoly Korenchkin, who urges to confront him on the Bridge. Once he's defeated, the soldier is now free to head on over to the Rickenbacker.

Deck Layout

Command Map
Command Map 2
This deck features the following areas:
  • Tram
  • Grav Shafts connecting to the UNN Rickenbacker
  • Cargo Bays
    • Cargo Bay A
    • Cargo Bay B
  • Shuttle Bays
    • Shuttle Bay 1
    • Shuttle Bay 2
    • Shuttle Command
  • Command Access Bulkhead
    • Command Lobby/Reception
    • Medical Annex
  • Officer's Quarters
    • Officer's Lounge
    • Chemical Store Room
  • Escape Pods
  • Captain's Quarters
  • Von Braun Bridge
    • Conference Room

Command Senior Crew Members


New Enemies

Logs and E-Mails

Audio Logs





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