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Von Braun
Deck 6 - Command
Area Information
Replicators 4 (+1 destroyed)
Upgrade Units 4
Recharge Stations 1
Resurrection Stations 1 / 2 maps
Security Computers 8
Enemies Grubs
Shotgun Hybrids
Grenade Hybrids
Red Monkeys
Laser Turrets
Blast Turrets
Protocol Droids
Security Robots
Assault Robots
Cyborg Midwives
Adult Arachnids
Cyborg Assassins
Connected Levels Recreation Deck
UNN Rickenbacker
The Command Deck is the sixth deck on the Von Braun and is the sixth deck visited by the player in System Shock 2. From this deck, the player can access the UNN Rickenbacker.


SOLDIER G65434-2 arrives on this deck from the primary elevator shaft on the Recreation Deck. SHODAN tells him to head to the bridge of the Von Braun where he can gain the Ops Override Access Card to transfer SHODAN's intelligence from the Von Braun to the UNN Rickenbacker and destroy the Von Braun. Using the tram and witnessing the remaining survivors fleeing in the ship's escape pods, the soldier makes his way to the bridge and picks up the access card. He follows SHODAN's instructions by proceeding back to the Operations Deck and the Engineering Deck however, when he arrives back on the Command Deck, The Many anticipate their plan to destroy the starship, therefore they have the shuttles loaded with their offspring and children. SHODAN instructs the soldier that none are allowed to escape and that the shuttles need to be destroyed. Once complete, the soldier made his way to the Grav Shafts connecting to the Rickenbacker however, once again, he is stopped by a Psi barrier and will now have to confront Anatoly Korenchkin on the bridge. Once he defeats him, he is now free to head on over to the Rickenbacker.

Deck Layout

Command Map
Command Map 2
This deck features the following areas:
  • Tram
  • Grav shafts connecting to the UNN Rickenbacker
  • Cargo Bays
    • Cargo Bay A
    • Cargo Bay B
  • Shuttle Bays
    • Shuttle Bay 1
    • Shuttle Bay 2
    • Shuttle Command
  • Command Access Bulkhead
    • Command Lobby/Reception
    • Medical Annex
  • Officer's Quarters
    • Officer's Lounge
    • Chemical Storeroom
  • Escape Pods
  • Captain's Quarters
  • Von Braun Bridge
    • Conference Room

Command Senior Crew Members


New Enemies

Logs and E-Mails

Audio Logs