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System Shock − Paper
From TriOptimum
Subject Citadel Station Security
Date -
Recipient -
Level Level R - Reactor
Location On the floor of Armory.
Citadel Station boasts one of the highest Security Ratings in known space.  Against invasion, it is armed with a battery of DEX-36 missiles, 8 short-range argon-suspension lasers, and the state-of-the-art Tachyon Laser Mining Beam that can easily be modified for military use. On the inside, over 200 security guards are armed with sparq-beams, Triop Minipistols, and Flechettes.  Guards in especially sensitive areas are issued Skorpion guns.  The armories are also stocked with Mag-Pulse guns in the event that invaders employ Powered Battle Armor.  Lastly, work is being done currently on the Plasma Rifle, which, when fully designed, will be the most powerful hand-weapon in existence today.
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